If you are a “Nerd Artist” and are looking to get your work noticed, or if you know anyone else who is, then we would like to feature you as an artist of the week. Please message us at our Nerdgasm Facebook Page or email us at:


You must be the original artist and submit your own work. We will need 6 digital images (jpeg, gif, png, pictures from a digital camera) of your work to display on our Facebook page and blog. The type of “Art” that we’re looking for is anything creative along the lines of drawings, paintings, graphic design, sculptures, screen printing (clothing), Prop making. We know that there are many more different forms of art out there and if you’re not sure if yours qualifies, or if your style of art wasn’t listed but you think it would fit well with our page then please feel free to contact us.

The Way It Works:

We post 6 images of your work for 6 days and post a URL link of your choice along with the images of your artwork letting people know where they can find you. If you have less than 6 images of your art but would still like to share with us then please message us as well because we’d love to see it! You can choose any URL link you’d like such as a Facebook page, website, or Deviant Art page. We collect all images into a separate album for you and leave it up so others can find your work in the future. It is important to note that we credit all artists for their work but are not responsible for what others may do with it.

We would love to show off your art and hopefully help you grow your fan base. To check out any of our previous Artists of The Week just Click Here to go to our photo albums section of our Facebook Page.

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