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Artist of the Week Day 2

Hellsing is one of my favorite animes and Alucard is looking pretty sick in this picture Magdalena has a ton of talent and to see more of her awesome work be sure to check out her deviant art page at…


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Titanfall Game Play Trailer

This video had gone around a bit earlier today but it was very low quality. Now that I got a chance to look at it in HD I have to admit that this game keeps looking better and better. It is scheduled to be released on PC and Xbox One. So far there is no word of it being released onto PS4. If it stays an Xbox exclusive title then it might be the only real advantage over Sony that Microsoft has except for possibly Halo.

I mean I personally don’t have $1500 dollars that I can spend on a PC gaming rig so my only other option would be to go for an Xbox One. I think most of you know that I haven’t been a huge supporter of Microsoft ever since this whole console war started, but Titanfall has looked pretty damn awesome since our first glimpse of it. Anyways, check out the new game play trailer for Titanfall and let us know your thoughts. Would you buy an Xbox One to get a hold of this game or is this great looking and innovative game still not enough for you to purchase one??? Tell us your thoughst below or in the comments section of our Facebook Page.

Enjoy the trailer!

PS4 Release Date

GamesCom is under way and we knew that we’d be getting some big news from the big gaming companies. So far we have only seen new trailers for games that we have already seen. Finally we get some solid news about one of the next gen consoles.

Sony has announced that the Playstation 4 will be released here in the US on November 15th 2013 and in Europe the 29th of November 2013.

Who’s excited and is anyone going to be picking one up on its release date?

Dead Rising 3 Cinematic Trailer

Microsoft hasn’t done a good job at making many fans for their Xbox One console but leave it to the game developers to try and pull their asses out of the fire and win some gamers back. Dead Rising 3 looked amazing and this cinematic trailer looks amazing as well. you can definitely see the advancement in the graphics engine for the Xbox One. I guess it just remains to be seen if Microsoft can pull their heads out of their asses…

Not looking too good though.

Anyways, check out this Bad Ass cinematic trailer for Dead Rising 3 and try not to get any blood on you 😉

E-3lue Mazer Gaming Mouse

Mazer is another lesser known Chinese company that makes PC gaming equipment…at least lesser known to me. I assume the name is supposed to somehow get you to make the comparison to “Razer” which is a much more well known PC gaming gear company with much more expensive products. I was looking for a decent gaming mouse that looked good, felt comfortable and had adjustable dpi settings. I am not a hardcore PC gamer but I do play a few games here and there. Mainly I do graphic design work, sound editing, and blogging. I ordered this off of Amazon and it took about 2 weeks to arrive after being shipped out of China. I payed $21.99 and opted to use the free shipping option that was available at the time.

Kill Sabretooth

Saw this earlier today and wondered what would a Marvel Movie be like if Quentin Tarantino was the director? Especially a Wolverine movie. You know it would have retro music and very stylized fight scenes. It might not actually be that bad though. Any thoughts?