Daily Archives: August 15, 2013

Grand theft Auto Online

This is our first real look at the new online multi-player feature coming to GTA. Once again I have to say that I am pretty amazed at what the developers have been able to put into this game. Even the online experience is completely unique. The customization of this experience seems almost limitless and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on this game!

Check out the trailer for Grand Theft Auto Online and let us know your thoughts. Are you excited for this game and if you weren’t thinking about getting this game on it’s release has this video changed your mind???


Is Bale Back???

So the word on the street is that Warner Bros. and DC really really want Christian Bale back as the Dark Knight. Bale has said before that he felt very fortunate to be a part of the Dark Knight trilogy and that he wouldn’t be interested in carrying on as Batman unless Christopher Nolan was going to be directing. There have been a few names tossed out as to who might be putting on the famous cape and cowl but it sounds like Christian Bale is the one Warner Bros. wants the most to be in the next Super Man sequel. So much so in fact that they have now offered him somewhere between 50 and 60 million dollars to return…That’s right I said “Million”.

So far there is no word from Mr. Bale weather or not he is going to except their offer to return but that is a shit ton of money to turn down!

As we know the next Superman movie has already been planned out to be Batman vs Superman. Now my view on Christian Bale as Batman has not been a very popular one and in my honest opinion, I don’t think that he should return as Batman and I’ll tell you why. The Batman that we saw in the Dark knight trilogy would not be a good match for Superman at all. He wasn’t the great detective that we know and love from the comics, in fact all of his tech and gadgets were developed by Wayne Enterprises but not by Wayne himself. The only way Batman would stand a chance against Superman is by using his superior intellect and he had none of that in the Dark Knight trilogy.

Not to mention he was just plain weak. He took 8 years off from being Batman, he had bad knees at the beginning of the Dark Knight rises, and then got his back broken by Bane. Not to mention this Bane had no real super human strength to speak of and destroyed Bats almost every time they fought. I just think Nolan went too far with his vulnerabilities. I hate to say it guys but I might be the only one who doesn’t want to see this Batman carried over to the Justice League or even in the next Superman movie.

Anyways, I’m always interested to know what you think Nerd Nation. Do you think Christian Bale will take the 50 million dollar offer and would you like to see him back as Batman? Let us know why or why not below or in the comments section of our Facebook Page!