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Luke Got a Family Request

This is too funny

Artist of The Week Day 3

Don’t F*ck with the Brothers Bash! This is an awesome stylized version of the Mario Brothers doing what they do best. For more Kick Ass art check out Tovio Rogers at…


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Skyrim: Into The Void

Here is a quick description of this new Skyrim Fan Film; The Dragonborn hero Dovahkiin is faced with a choice: spend eternity as a vampire or help the Brotherhood in exchange for a cure and a return to humanity.

This definitely looks interesting. Judging by the trailer below this fan film looks like it borders between cheese ball and a good adaptation. You guys know that I love and support fan films but usually these types of projects are determined by the quality of acting. The production values look good and it’s always fun to see our favorite comic or video game characters brought to life by someone. However if the acting isn’t at least somewhat decent then it can make these fan films hard to watch.

Anyways, I am actually excited to see what these film makers were able to come up with. I think with the deep history of all the Elder Scrolls games it shouldn’t be too hard for them to come up with a story that would be worth exploring. As always take a look at this trailer and let us know your thoughts on this and what you hope to see in this fan film…that is if you’re even interested at all in watching it. Watch Skyrim: Into the Void premiering on Machinima Prime Friday, August 16th.

Enjoy the trailer!

Super Power Beat Down: Wolverine vs Predator

Ok so Machinima put the actual fight to this out a few weeks ago, but I like the original Bat in the Sun version with why they think each respected combatant would win. Now this may seem like an easy win for Wolverine what with his healing factor and adomantium skeleton, but I don’t think we are giving the Predator enough credit. He has seriously advanced technology, deadly weapons and way better hunting skills than anyone on planet earth. In my opinion the Predator would take his time to stalk Wolverine and yes I know Wolvie has the enhanced sense of smell, but I think the Predator would know that and find a way around it.

I don’t think he would attack him head on but instead try and find a weakness and exploit it. In an all out combat situation with no tactics and simply fighting based off of physical attributes then Yes I agree that Wolverine would win no problem. I’m still not completely convinced that even with all the Predator’s tools and in the right environment that he could beat Wolverine, but I just think he deserves more credit. Anyways, check out this latest Super Power Beat Down and let us know your thoughts.