Daily Archives: August 8, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Ok, this one’s going waaay back but does anyone remember this guy he had an awesome name and was from the move Wizards. I watched it as a kid and once I saw it as an adult I realized that I probably shouldn’t have been allowed to watch this as a kid LOL

Artist of The Week Day 3 and 4

Stupid me forgot to post the artist of the week image yesterday so here is yesterday’s and today’s images. Click on the pictures to enlarge them!

Artist of The Week Day 3: This an amazing look at the iconic battle between Batman and Bane. This is how the Nolan Bane should have looked…Just sayin.

Artist of The Week Day 4: This painting contains 2 of the most Bad Ass characters in Marvel Comics. I’ve always loved Psylocke for obvious reason 😉 for more amazing artwork check out Andrea Mangiri’s blog and ask how you can get this or any of our other featured images as a print!

Val Kilmer as Batman Again

It’s Thursday and time to throw back. I thought this would be a great video to bring back some memories of a classic adventure movie and a movie we’d probably all like to forget. I loved Val Kilmer as Mad Martigan in Willow but not so much as Batman. However, it is good to see him looking a little better than he has in past years and that he can poke some fun at his role as Batman from back in the day.

Anyways check out this funny video of Val Kilmer trying to impress an unsuspecting secretary with his Batman routine. Happy Throw Back Thursday Nerd Nation!


Cosplay of The Day

Oh My God!!!!

Her cuteness level is over 9000!