Daily Archives: August 5, 2013

Life Size Wall-E

You gotta love the Nerd Nation and the passion they have for their favorite characters. Tested filmed an awesome interview with Mike McMaster who is part of the R2 builder’s club and co-founder of the Wall-E builders club. Now I possess absolutely no skills that would allow me to be a part of either of these clubs but I really do envy the people that do possess the skills. Mike and his crew developed and built a fully functioning 1:1 scale replica of the Pixar character Wall-E.

A ton of time and work went in to making this awesome little robot come to life so check out this video from Tested to see what I’m talking about. This is very impressive especially when you consider there weren’t any blue prints to get the scale or functionality right for this character.


New Pod Cast!!!

In this week’s pod cast I talk about Attack on Titan, Crunchy Roll anime service, Xbox One Accessory Pricing, X-Men Days of Future Past Sentinel Appearance and go on a bit of an Angry Nerd rant about the term Fan Boy/Girl…Apologies in advance 🙂 Please do me a favor and share this out with all your friends and as always…


Artist of The Week Day 1

I had to post my favorite one first but this awesome painting of Spidey and Venom was done the old fashioned way with acrylic and canvas! This amazing work is for sale and for info on how to get your hands on this, then please visit artist Andrea Mangiri’s blog for the 411. 
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