Vin Diesel Our Next Marvel Hero???

Vin Diesel takes a meeting with Marvel. According to Movie Web Last week Vinny boy posted on his Facebook page that Marvel called him in for a top secret meeting. No one really knows for sure what the meeting is about apparently not even him.

Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…

So there has been a lot of rumors going around the inter-webs about Vin Diesel possibly playing our next big superhero. He has been rumored to possibly play the Martian Man Hunter for DC, Daredevil for Marvel (worst idea ever) and now the latest rumor is we might see him as The Black Panther. I like Vin Diesel as an action star and I think there is a place for him at the superhero table. However, if Marvel is really looking at him to be the Black Panther I will be very upset.

This brings me to a bit of a touchy subject in super heroes and race. I am all for equality in the movie industry and I have a ton of favorite actors and actresses that are all different types of nationalities. The problem that I am seeing in Hollywood is that they are taking iconic characters and changing their race for no apparent reason other than to prove their industry isn’t racist. A good example of this is the casting of Michael B. Jordan who is black to play Johnny Storm from the Fantastic 4 who has always been depicted as a white male. Changing his race would subsequently change his sister Sue Storms race as well.

Now with the talks of Vin Diesel possibly playing the African King Black Panther it almost seems like the very thing Hollywood is doing to keep themselves from looking racist is having the opposite affect. I don’t understand why a dark skinned black man couldn’t have been chosen to play Black Panther like in the comics. I mean he’s from Africa for crying out loud! In any case Vin Diesel’s involvement with Marvel is still in question so this is still very much a rumor, but the trend of changing our super hero’s race is still on going. I just hope they don’t ruin another great character because Hollywood doesn’t want to appear racist…

As always let us know your thoughts on this and if you think Vin Diesel would make a good Black Panther. Let us know below or in the comment section of our Facebook Page.

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