To De-throne A Champion

This is going to be a little different than our usual posts but I have to get this off my chest…I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I am a pretty big fan of Mixed Martial Arts. I have trained in it for a while (honestly just to try and stay fit) wrestled in high school and know about competition in sports. However, I am by no means an expert in sports or anything like that. Some of you may have watched the UFC pay-per view over the weekend (If Not SPOILER ALERT) where long time middle weight champ Anderson Silva got Knocked the F*ck Out.

I’m not a huge fan of his cocky attitude but I am a huge fan of him as a fighter. That is when he actually decides to fight. My congratulations to the new champ Chris Wiedman this is definitely an awesome moment in his career. I don’t have a problem with the fact that there is a new champion, but I do have a problem with the fact that people are saying that Weidman “Beat” Anderson Silva. If any of you saw the fight on Saturday night then you saw what the rest of us did; Anderson Silva was show boating, dropping his hands, and letting himself get punched in the face.

No one is invincible and Silva proved that Saturday. I say Silva proved that because it was his own show boating and carelessness that got him knocked out. Weidman didn’t fight an Anderson Silva that was giving his best or maybe even half of his best. This could have been a great fight and Silva could have passed the torch after a 5 round war to a deserving new champion. Instead Weidman stepped into the octagon and beat Anderson Silva because his hands were almost literally tied behind his back. The former champ didn’t take the fight seriously and it was evident from the beginning. I feel super cheated and disappointed in watching one of the greatest of all time rise to the top and then throw it all away because he was being an idiot. Even Chris Weidman who trained his ass off for this fight deserved something better than this. Yes he is the champion but he beat the best in the world while his hands were at his side almost the entire fight.

All in all this was a huge disappointment but don’t get it twisted. Anderson Silva didn’t get beat because Anderson Silva didn’t even bother showing up for the fight. He is capable of much more than that but his ego got the best of him and he catered to that rather than his actual skill. The result is a highlight reel knock out and a new middle weight champion in Chris Weidman…

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