The Ronin Wolverine

I’ve had some doubts about the upcoming Marvel flick The Wolverine. As most of us know the last Wolverine movie was pretty terrible especially because of some of the character changes that were made in that movie. It seemed like the director was determined not to make the same mistakes in this movie but the story seemed a little disappointing. I mean honestly who wants to watch a movie about a mutant that loses his mutant powers? Isn’t mutant powers the whole reason we went to see a movie about a mutant in the first place?

However, I have been a huge fan of samurai stories especially the ronin stories. As explained in the video below a ronin is a samurai that no longer blindly fights for the cause of the traditional samurai. This short featurette actually shows a lot of great footage from The Wolverine and really gives you a better idea of what this movie is about and where Logan is in this portion of his life. I have to admit that after watching this video I really am excited about this movie.

Anyways check out the ronin story of The Wolverine and let us know your thoughts and expectations for the movie. Did this video change your mind in any way (Good or Bad) about seeing the movie? Leave us your comments below or on our Facebook Page.

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