Seventh Son Trailer

So there are things that I immediately like and don’t like about this movie. The creatures look great and I think Julianne Moore will make a very “Wicked Witch” and we all know a good villain is the key to a good hero…or heroes in this case. However, I’m not too sure I like the Big Lebowski and Prince Caspian team up. I’m not a huge fan of Ben Barnes although I’ve only seen him the Chronicles of Narnia movies and Dorian Gray. As for Jeff Bridges I actually really do like him as an actor but this role is seems a little uncharacteristic for him.

I guess only time will tell how these two blend together on the big screen. All in all this looks like a pretty exciting movie and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Check out the new trailer for Seventh Son and let us know your thoughts on the movie. Is this a GO or a NO for you? Tell us below or in the comment section of our Facebook Page.


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