Rocky 7 Happening???

I know what you’re probably thinking and I thought the same thing at first also. I love the classic Rocky movies but really disliked 5 and 6. The last one was a little hard to watch but I give Sylvester Stalone credit for taking a different direction in his next movie.

According to Movie Web Stallone and writer-director Ryan Coogler will be teaming up to continue the Rocky franchise. At first I was really put off by the thought of another horrible Rocky movie that would only hurt the franchise in the long run. However, they actually seem to have a fresh an innovative new idea for the series. The story will be centered around the wealthy and spoiled grandson of Apollo Creed. Rocky now works as a trainer and hopefully will not be getting back into the ring. Fruitvale Station star Michael B. Jordan is in talks to play Apollo’s grandson.

Now I don’t know how great of a movie this is going to be or if it will revive the struggling franchise, but I do like this idea much better than seeing a 67 year old Stallone climb back into the ring to fight another stereotypical boxing bad guy. Also, this might be a hard sell since Apollo died in the fourth film at the hands of Ivan Drago. I would have been more excited about this if Carl Weathers was actually able to return as Apollo for the film. I guess they could find a way to have him do some voice over work or something like that. So far there is no word when the movie is expected to release or when production will begin.

Anyways, what do you think about another Rocky movie? Do you like the idea of seeing Apollo’s grandson fight or do you think this will be another failed attempt to revive a series that should probably just hang up it’s gloves? Let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook Page!

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