Review: VIZIO 60” Razor LED™ Smart TV

This past February we were finally able to purchase our first big screen HDTV. For me this was quite a triumphant moment since I have been wanting one for several years but was never able to afford it. Price was still something to consider and I wanted to make sure we were getting the best quality TV for our money. After doing a lot of research we finally settled on the VIZIO 60” Razor LED™ Smart TV. It was the most affordable TV of its class but I was afraid that we would be missing out on some quality because of how much cheaper it was from other 60″ TVs. The retail price comes in just under $1000 before tax is added.

Now some of you might wonder why I needed to buy such a large TV. Aside from the fact that I just really wanted one, our living room is a bit on the larger side. The only functional wall for a TV is about 15 feet away from the opposite wall. Even without mounting the TV to the wall and putting it on an entertainment stand, you would still sit about 10 feet away from the screen. I thought about going with a smaller unit that was more in my price range but I was happy to see that Vizio found a way to make a 60″ affordable.

By no means am I an expert on HDTVs so I will not be getting into any technical specs, but I do know what I like and I absolutely love this TV. Oh and please excuse my crappy cell phone pics.

I own a Playstation 3, do a lot of gaming, and watch a lot of movies so the picture quality needed to be sharp and beautiful. The Vizio delivered on every level. The colors are bright, the images are clear, and blue-ray DVDs look amazing. The only issue I have with the picture is that dark scenes can be a little hard to make out detail in. The same thing happens in games, but it’s not so bad that it ruins the experience. I have to say that I can no longer watch anything in standard definition so be sure to consider upgrading your cable if you haven’t already. The best part is that the screen is razor thin (hence the name) and the border around the screen is less than an inch wide, so you are truly getting 60 inches worth of screen.

The sound is ok but it can be a bit touchy. The speakers are located on the back of the unit so they don’t project well to the front. It is usually louder to the right of the unit than it is sitting in front of it. So if you’re in a different room or coming down the hall way, then the TV can sound annoyingly loud. However, this doesn’t really effect me as much since I use and older Pioneer 5.1 channel surround sound system that hooked up easily to the TV. I usually prefer that instead of the speakers in the actual TV and it is easy just to turn them off completely in the settings menu.

The user interface is super easy to use and navigate. Vizio has made things easy by adding quick launch buttons to their remote that will still translate over to your universal if that’s what you choose to use. The TV comes with built in wi-fi and is easy to set up, along with some useful apps like NetFlix and YouTube. Both look great in 1080p and it’s nice to be able to launch Netflix without having to turn on a separate component to get to it. Hooking up other components is super simple as the connections are on the back left  hand side of the unit.

Some Key Features

    VIZIO Internet Apps® – Instantly enjoy online movies, TV shows, music, apps and more
    Razor LED™ for richer colors and more vivid details in an ultra thin design Slim frame design with ultra thin profile beautifully enhances any living space
    Smart remote with QWERTY keyboard
    120Hz Refresh Rate with Smooth Motion for stunning detail and clarity in every image 1080p Full HD resolution for a crystal-clear picture
    Built-in WiFi for easy internet access
    A slim outer frame delivers a more immersive picture with less frame around the TV
    1 million to 1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio for deeper blacks
    SRS StudioSound HD™ delivers crisp, clear audio
    Four HDMI ports – perfect for cable boxes, game consoles, Blu-ray players and more More energy efficient than conventional LCD HDTVs*
    USB Multimedia – photos, music, and videos Ambient light sensor auto-adjust picture to room lighting

    Please Read This Last Part!
    The final thing I have to say about Vizio is not just about their product but about their customer service. We actually ran into a problem with our 60″ TV about 4 months into owning it. The screen went completely black and all we got out of it was the sound. With a small amount of research we found out that there was a recall on a small percentage of these TVs due to faulty chip assemblies from another manufacturer. These unites were released for sale at the end of 2012. To read the full article about the recall Click Here. Now here is where Vizio would decide if we as customers held any value to them. We called the number for Vizio customer service and the associate was super friendly and helpful. After obtaining some quick information about our product and what happened to it they informed us that they would be sending out a “Brand New” unit within 7 to 10 business days. The whole process took less than 10 days and they took care of everything, evening setting up our new unit for us.

    I understand that sometimes things happen and it can’t be helped but Vizio really made sure that they fixed the problem with little to no effort on our part. I do not hold anything against Vizio for the inital malfunction and they have definitely made me a huge supporter of their brand. I will continue to purchase Vizio products in the future, and I definitely recommend the VIZIO 60” Razor LED™ Smart TV if you are looking for a good quality and affordable big screen. Just be sure to check the serial number on the box before you purchase it as I think there are still some defective units out there. As long as your unit’s serial number doesn’t fall between LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300 then you are good to go.

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