Nintendo Zapper Lamp!

Ya gotta love the Nerd Nation. There are so many people out there doing creative things and this is definitely one that I would love to own. As you can see from the pictures some one has gone and taken an old school NES Controller and Zapper and turned them into a Kick Ass lamp. This would be a great piece to put in an office or a gamer’s room. The 2 components compliment each other perfectly though I would have liked to have scene some sort of design on the lamp shade. Maybe an 8bit scene from Mario or Duck Hunt. The good thing is the shade is removable so I’m sure you could find a custom made one somewhere and then just replace the plain one.

The overall height of the lamp including the shade is approximately 19 inches tall, the power cord is approximately 50 inches long, however the light bulb is not included. This lamp is a little on the pricey side as it is listed at $77.77. If you are interested in owning this awesome lamp then just Click Here to go to the Etsy page where it is listed. Also, if you happen to pick one of these bad boys up send us a picture of your new lamp where ever you decide to set it up at! Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

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