New Prices for Xbox One Accessories

Once again Microsoft doesn’t seem to be too concerned with winning any popularity contests for their next gen game console that hasn’t even been released yet. Yesterday they announced that the price for an Xbox One wireless controller will cost you $59.99 which is $10.00 more than the current Xbox 360 controller. It will run off 2 AA batteries like it’s predecessor, but if you wanted the recharge pack that will run you an additional $24.99. Xbox has said that only one controller will come packaged with the Xbox One which is pretty standard for gaming consoles.

However, I think the most annoying news is that the gaming headset will not be bundled with the Xbox One console but instead will be sold separately at $24.99. Microsoft has said that the decision to not bundle the head set with the console was because the Xbox Connect has it’s own microphone capable of voice chat. The only problem with that Microsoft is that now everyone in the room has to hear the 13 year old on the other end dropping F bombs every 5 seconds and the voices are never as loud as the rest of the game through regular speakers…but thanks for thinking of us.

Microsoft has also said, that they would be developing an adapter for universal headsets sometime in the future but you can bet your Sweet Ass that it’s gonna cost you a pretty penny. So not only is their console priced at $500.00 but if you want another “complete” controller and head set then that’s gonna cost you another $110. Even if you decide not to get the recharge kit you’re still looking at an extra $75.00 on top of your $500.00 console. honestly I can’t say I’m super excited about this news as Microsoft continues on their not so consumer friendly path.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this Nerd Nation? Does this price jump bother you or were you expecting prices to go up with the next gen consoles? Let us know your thoughts below or in the comments section of our Facebook Page!

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