Giant Mechs Take Over SDCC

The best always comes out for Comic Con since this is what everyone looks forward to all year. One of the best parts of Comic Con is the cosplay and the people over at Wired have taken it to a whole new level. Along with a bunch over other teams they built a 9 foot tall battle mech suit that looks as real as it can get. The way I understand it is there is actually a person inside there but if no one told me that I would think this thing was moving on its own or by remote control.

The whole thing took 24 days and about 2000 man hours to create. The detail in this suit looks amazing and the added voice and sounds seem like it could be very menacing if it were standing in front of you, and you just happened to be staring down the barrels of it’s mini gun arm. Anyways check out this awesome Battle Mech suit and be sure to keep an eye at for it if you in San Diego for Comic Con this week…Something tells me this guy would be hard to miss.


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