Building Cloud’s Real Life Buster Sword!

I honestly didn’t think it could be done but Man at Arms proved me wrong. I love the quality of work that comes out of this guy not to mention just all the icon game and movie weapons he creates. This time, he actually went and built Cloud’s sword from Final Fantasy VII. This thing has a 6 foot blade and is said to weigh anywhere from 70 to 80 lbs. That’s a lot of sword and obviously not very practical, but it looks pretty Bad Ass! It takes 2 people just to lift it up high enough to get a good downward swing with it. I don’t think the blade cuts very well but the sheer weight of it alone will crush whatever is underneath it.

Anyways check out this awesome video from “Man At Arms” and “Awe Me” and always leave us your thoughts below or in the comments section of our Facebook Page.


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