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This is a review of “Attack on Titan” the anime series, not the manga. I will do my best to be descriptive without spoiling anything for those of you that haven’t seen the series. There has been a lot of hype going around about the anime series Attack on Titan. It has been hailed as one of the greatest anime series of 2013. I do enjoy a good anime and have been trying to find a good series to get into. I wanted to see if Attack on Titan could really live up to all the hype and praise it’s been getting. I am very pleased to say that it not only deserves the praise it has received, but it completely surpassed my expectations.

The story takes place in a time when humans have been forced to live with a medieval level of technology. They didn’t explain weather or not it is in the past or the future (if they did I must have missed it) but I assume it is the future. Humans are attacked by giant underdeveloped humanoid creatures called Titans about 100 years before the anime takes place. Humanity is forced to take refuge in cities built behind 3 giant walls meant to keep out the titans. The walls are named Maria, Rose, and Sina. From what I understood there is about 90 miles between each wall where people have built very densely populated cities. Humanity lived in peace for 100 years until the year 845 when a colossal titan appeared for the first time and destroyed the outer wall Maria. The titan’s mindless and unstoppable attack leaves 20% of the population dead. Not much is known about the titans other than they love to eat them some humans.

Our three main characters Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman (Eren’s sister) and Armin Arlert (friend to both) are introduced as adolescents on the day of the first Titan attack in 100 years. Immediately you begin to feel a connection with them as a short lifetime spent behind walls is starting to make them curious about what is on the outside.  Eren is your typical hot headed teen that feels very strongly about his convictions. Mikasa is the strong silent type and has a very intense need to keep Eren safe no matter what he does. Armin is very intelligent but unsure of himself in this world, and dreams of a life outside the walls of the city. Together they make up a very tightly bonded group that becomes more of a family as the series goes on.

The animation quality is beautiful even without watching it in high definition. The use of darker colors and shadows for the city streets and buildings, is a nice contrast to the brighter warm colors used for the sky, water, and grass that lie just outside the city walls. Emotional expression is really key to this anime series especially fear. The artists do a great job of portraying all range of emotions in these characters especially fear when they must confront the titans. There are some very intense scenes that the characters have to sell and the art just does a fantastic job of making you feel what the characters are feeling at the time.

                                                      Adult Content:
Sometimes my biggest criticism with anime series is the use of nudity and violence. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy both but it can sometimes take away from a great story and make an anime hard to take seriously. The over use of blood and violence can be distracting and the writers could have easily over done it with Attack on Titan. The titans are basically large naked humans but have no visible reproductive organs. However, their is a moderate amount of blood and so far no nudity from what I’ve seen. The blood is done in a tasteful manner and depicts it in a very realistic way. Obviously if a human was bitten in half there would probably be some blood…

Final Thoughts:
“Attack on Titan” has rekindled my love for anime with a really engaging storyline and relatable characters. They are not your typical anime heroes that are fearless with outlandish anime powers, who can’t be hurt by anything. Don’t get me wrong it does have some of your typical anime personalities, but it is refreshing to watch something where our heroes actually struggle in a life or death situation rather than reveal a new power and destroy everything in sight. There is one scene like that in the show but the writers do a good job of making it feel like it fits into this story. Attack on Titan will surprise you at times but it also does a great job of keeping everything in perspective and helps drive the storyline.

I definitely recommend that you check out “Attack on Titan” if you love anime or even if you don’t. It will definitely get you hooked and make you feel like you are watching something creative rather than some of the other mindless boob and blood fests that are out there in the anime world. If you want to watch this anime Funimation and Crunchyroll are both streaming it on their free and paid services.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought I loved this series until I got to the very end, the 25th installment. Questions not answered are, what are the Titans and how did they get there? How do they reproduce? How could the last installment be a real end when humans are still behind walls? How did the hero get his special ability? Until these questions are answered I cannot say this series is perfect. But while I was

    • Todd B says:

      I haven't actually been able to finish the series on account of my time schedule, but I am looking forward to watching the rest. I can't imagine that they would just leave a series open ended like that so hopefully they will make another season that will answer some of our questions. All in all though I love the production quality of this anime, and how they portray a more realistic view

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