40 Foot Dragon Skull Appears on Beach


This is soooo awesome and totally reminds me of Skyrim after you valiantly defeat a menacing dragon that is endangering the lives of the towns people. In fact this would have been a great marketing tool for the game back when it first came out. However, it is actually a marketing tool for something a little different. The streaming service BlinkBox has season three of the series “Game Of Thrones” available for streaming on their service and thought this bad boy would be a great way to announce it. The actual Dragon Skull measures up to a whopping 40 feet and is placed on Charmouth Beach in Dorset England.

Apparently it was created over several months by three sculptors who we don’t know the names of. How it got to the beach is also unknown but I think this is pretty damn cool. I would have to think that it would be hard to get something like that down to the beach without it alerting the entire city. If there was some way to weather proof it I think it would be cool to just leave it there. I mean could you imagine the stories that would be told 20 years from now to the children who see it for the first time? Anyways check out these picture of the 40 foot Dragon Skull and click on the images to enlarge them.


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