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Spider-Man’s School Of Street Ball

So I guess after Andrew Garfield was filmed playing a round of basketball in his Spidey costume with some kids it was inevitable that some Spider clones would pop up doing the same thing. Only this guy can actually ball. The man behind this Spider mask goes by the name of the “Professor” on his YouTube channel and he’s got some serious skills on the court.

Check out this awesome video as Professor Spidey schools some clowns in some one on one Basketball while bringing a smile to the face of the kids watching on the court.


Throw Back Thursday!

Man these things were great. I remember having a ton of them as a kid and even kept some into my adult years and passed them on to my son. Anyways, points for you if you have some of these and double points for you if you remember what they are called 😉

AC4: Black Flag 7 Minute Game Play Trailer

Like I’m sure most of you have, we have been covering the development of this game since it was first announced. I was a little skeptical about Assassin’s Creed 4 especially considering the short comings of the last game and how quickly they announced it after AC3. I think most would agree that the whole naval warfare portion of Assassins Creed 3 was probably the best part of the game and Black Flag seemed like it was going to just be an over priced expansion…

However, this game is really really showing some awesome innovation and driving the whole sand box genre to a whole new level. I feel like this game will redefine open world game play just as Red Dead Redemption did a couple of years ago. Check out this 7 minute game play video that introduces is to just a small part of the greatness that is Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag!

Oh and as always let us know your thoughts and expectations for this game. Will you be pre-ordering AC4: Black Flag and did this 7 minute video change your minds either good or bad? Tell us your thoughts below or in the comments of our Facebook Page

Super Friends!

Story of my life…