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Seventh Son Trailer

So there are things that I immediately like and don’t like about this movie. The creatures look great and I think Julianne Moore will make a very “Wicked Witch” and we all know a good villain is the key to a good hero…or heroes in this case. However, I’m not too sure I like the Big Lebowski and Prince Caspian team up. I’m not a huge fan of Ben Barnes although I’ve only seen him the Chronicles of Narnia movies and Dorian Gray. As for Jeff Bridges I actually really do like him as an actor but this role is seems a little uncharacteristic for him.

I guess only time will tell how these two blend together on the big screen. All in all this looks like a pretty exciting movie and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Check out the new trailer for Seventh Son and let us know your thoughts on the movie. Is this a GO or a NO for you? Tell us below or in the comment section of our Facebook Page.


Brick Tube: Aliens

There is a lot of Lego stop motion animations out there but most of them are geared more towards kids. Yes I understand Legos are marketed towards children from the start but I like Legos too Damn It. It’s nice to see someone doing adaptations of more adult themed movies and characters. Plus its really cool that this guy gives you links and tutorials on how to create some of the things you see in his videos.

Anyways check out this cool Lego adaptation of Aliens brought to us by Kooberz Studios.


First Look At Electro’s Movie Costume

So there have been several photos of Jamie Foxx in his Electro makeup wearing some sort of old hoodie giving most of us the assumption that he would just be wearing street clothes instead of some elaborate outfit. We pretty much knew that Marc Webb was not going with the traditional green and yellow costume from the original Spider-Man story line. In stead, the screen shots we’d seen looked a bit more like the Electro from the Ultimate comic universe.

According to the new Comic Con preview edition of Entertainment Weekly It appears that they are giving him an original costume designed just for the movie. The other notable thing about this cover is that despite several other villains name’s being mentioned for the next Amazing Spider-Man movie, only Electro has been featured on this cover. We know that the Rhino is in the movie as well, but we don’t know how big of a role he will play in the film. As of right now it “looks” like they have set Electro up to be Spidey’s main enemy in this film.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this cover and Electro’s new look? Any new predictions for the Amazing Spider-Man 2? Let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook Page.

TaunTaun Wedding Cake

This cake is kind of disgusting, but very creative. I always have a hard time seeing cakes like this eaten since so much hard work went into them, but then again what good is a cake if you can’t enjoy it right?