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Curse of Chucky Trailer

Just when we finally stopped being afraid of creepy looking dolls they had to come out with another Damn Chucky Movie! I’m not a huge horror fan but I do remember these movies from the late 80’s and 90’s. I’m pretty sure most of us have had some sort of traumatizing experience with this little mass murdering doll at on time or another in our childhood. That being said, I think this movie is a far cry from the original. I don’t know for sure but I think they used the original voice actor to play Chucky but a CGI doll just isn’t as scary. Yes I realize it’s a real doll for the non motion scenes, but still.

It might also be the fact that I am no longer 6 so the whole idea of a doll possessed by a serial killer’s soul isn’t really scary either. Not to mention the fact that it’s going straight to DVD doesn’t say much for the movie if studios weren’t willing to give it a big screen release.

Anyways this is just my opinion so check out the trailer for the new movie “Curse of Chucky” and let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook Page.


Spider-Man Bed!

This thing is awesome and to be honest pretty affordable for a customized bed frame. My only concern would be how well built this bed is. It looks friggin sweet, although admittedly his positioning looks a little questionable in the picture above. My biggest priority would be to make sure this thing is going to hold up for me…Uuhh I mean my kid! I’m sure you could probably contact the seller though. According to the Amazon page it is being sold on, it will run you about $206.00. There isn’t much information on this bed but apparently it takes a twin sized mattress which is not included with this item. Other specs include;

Microfiber polyster
Fully stuffed appendages which are hypoallergenic and industrially sewn to withstand years of machine washings
Machine washable or spot clean for most sections with the arms and feet needing an oversized front loading washer and drier
Twin Mattress Set sold separately- Fits a Twin, Twin XL, or a 3 ft. Single with base
An easy to remove soft woven bed sheet your child sleeps on

As you see above it says that it is machine washable but you need a pretty larger washer and dryer to do so. However, I don’t see how you’re suppose to get the cover off unless there is a hidden zipper somewhere. Again, another question for the seller. Anyways, if you’re interested in buying this bed then just Click Here and it will take you to the Amazon page where it is being sold. Also, if you do end up buying one send us a picture of your new bed so we can share it with the rest of the Nerd Nation!

NerdCast 11

Hey guys we’re back with another awesome Pod Cast. We will be having a new schedule where we will be recording 2 a month and posting them every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month for your listening pleasure. Also, it has been updated in the player at the top of the page and as always will update when we post the next Pod Cast.

This week I talk about why you shouldn’t go see the new “Independence Day” movie, is Vin Diesel the next “Black Panther”, is Hollywood being racist in super hero movies, and what Microsoft did and continues to do wrong with the “XBOX One”!!!

Please do us a favor, give it a listen and share it out to all your friends. Also if you’re a Sound Cloud member please subscribe to us at https://soundcloud.com/nerdgasmneeds

Life’s Mystery

The secret to Life on this Monday Morning!