Throw Back Thursday: Bots Master

I remember watching this show after school while I was supposed to be doing my homework. This was an early attempt at bringing 3D to television and I don’t remember it working out too well. In fact I remember it really being pretty terrible. Each action figure would come with a pair of cheap 3D glasses with the red and blue lenses. When ZZ would shout “It’s Laser Time” that would be our cue to put on our glasses and watch the 3D portion of the show.

I don’t think this show lasted very long but I liked how they combined sort of anime style robots with combiners a bit like transformers. The toys were cool and I remember owning a couple of them. To this day I still think this show has one of the best opening theme songs I’ve ever heard. Anyways check out the opening credit video and take a trip down memory lane with us.


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