The Lego Movie Teaser Trailer

So it looks like all the Lego fan films got people thinking over at Warner Bros. on another way to make money. I think the cool thing about all the Lego fan films out there on YouTube is that they are usually done in stop motion and they bring things to life that we imagined as kids. i’m pretty sure they used CGI for this movie and I’m not exactly sure what the whole plot of this movie is, but it’s kind of cool that they threw in some other iconic heroes that we’ve come to know from the Lego series. This might be like a “Wreck It Ralph” kind of thing where we see other familiar Lego characters spread through out the movie.

Anyways, check out this first official teaser and let us know what you think about this movie. I already know as soon as my son sees this trailer he’s going to want to go see this movie. What about you Nerd Nation? Is this movie a Go or a No for you?

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