Super Power Beat Down: Batman vs Deadpool

This is kind of a weird match up and they actually reference a better match up (in my opinion) or at least one that makes more sense in Deadpool vs Deathstroke. Both are assassins, both like to use guns and swords, and both have cocky attitudes. Seems like a more likely match up to me, but that’s OK. As for the match up of Batman and Deadpool, I think both would give each other a run for their money at least a bit more than they did in this video.

The production values of these Super Power Beat Downs are getting better every time although I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Batman in this. The costumes are great and Deadpool is actually pretty close to his comic book self being a huge smart ass and extra annoying. Although it seemed like some of his dialog was a little forced. All in all this was still a really cool battle to watch so check it out and as always let us know your thoughts below or in the comment section of our Facebook Page. And be sure to check out Bat in The Sun’s YouTube page for more awesome videos.


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