Microsoft E3 Game List Leaked???

There is a strange picture going around the inter webs that claims to be a list for Microsoft’s E3 game reveals. I’m not exactly sure how much I believe it but I thought it was interesting enough to throw up on the site anyways. As most of us know Microsoft pretty much failed to impress most core gamers out there and need to come out at E3 with guns blazing. If some of these logos are real then they might just be doing that. With games like Quantum Break, Fable IV, and Forza 5 this picture makes me believe it might be legit.

However, with what looks like Banjo Kazooie Grunty Land and Halo 5, I’m not so sure it can be taken seriously. Also it looks like possibly another Dead Rising game along with a Halo Assault game that we can only assume might be another real time strategy game. These are all only guesses at this point but we are very curious to hear what the Nerd Nation thinks.

Do you think this image is real and if so do any of these games sound interesting to you? Let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook Page!

Click the picture to enlarge.

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