Metal Gear Solid 5 Gameplay Trailer

So E3 has already shown us some pretty awesome games and one that I have really been looking forward to is Metal Gear Solid 5. Solid Snake is back and this time he is in the harsh desert of Afghanistan. The game looks great and I’ve always been a big fan of free roaming open environments. With the whole sandbox feature and real time weather it will definitely give this franchise a new level of difficulty.

The only thing I am a little confused about is that it will now be on Xbox One. I don’t know if it is exclusive to Microsoft or not but I did find it very interesting that they revealed it first. There is just something very unsettling about an always exclusive Sony game being revealed by their competition…What the Hell is happening to this crazy world???

Anyways check out this awesome first look and game play footage of Metal Gear Solid 5 and let us know your initial thoughts below or on our Facebook Page.


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