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I received an email inviting me to be one of  the first to check out and promote a new independent series based on the popular DC character Nightwing. I respect aspiring film makers and their passion for bringing famous characters from comics and video games to life, but most times it can be pretty hard to watch. This fan made pilot by P3 Series is called  Grayson: Earth One and I am happy to say that this actually has potential.

Grayson: Earth One is sort of an alternate reality origin story about how Dick Grayson becomes the hard hitting crime fighter Nightwing. Most of us know that Nightwing started out being the famous sidekick to Batman known as Robin. The creators of this new series decided to nix that idea and make Dick Grayson a hardcore rocker with a seriously kick ass skill set. Thought they don’t actually explain how he became such a Bad Ass I have a feeling they will explain it somewhere down the line. Dick Grayson looks to be in his mid twenties and obviously has a troubled past. The setting sort of reminds me of a mix between The Crow and a dramatic teenage WB series.

I’m not sure what the production budget was for this series but I assume it wasn’t a lot considering this is fan made and non profit. Usually that is where fan made movies and trailers lose most of their audience because it looks and feels cheap. Grayson: Earth One actually holds up pretty well though there is some rough dialog and acting. However, for what it is I can totally look past that stuff. You can tell that with a bigger budget the creators would be able to bring us something easily comparable to “Arrow” or a prime time crime drama.

There are plenty of references to the Batman universe in this first episode and even a small cameo by the Dark Knight himself. That being said I think they probably could have done without the Batman appearance because it seemed a little cheesy. Hopefully the creators don’t fall into the trap of trying to please “all” the Batman fans out there, but instead take the elements they enjoy about the comics and bring us something creative and original. I am interested to see what action and mystery future episodes hold for us and will be checking back in to see where this series goes.

Anyways, check out this first look at Grayson: Earth one and let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook Page! Do you think this will make a good series and if so what are some of the things you like about it so far? What are some things you don’t like about it?

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    I love it, thank you for sharing this!

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