Geek Kink???

As we’ve stated before the whole “Nerd Culture” is not only becoming more acceptable but is really being embraced by society. This has never been more evident than when my attention was brought to a web site called Geek Kink. Even I was a bit surprised to see that they sell fetish items such as paddles and canes but with Nerdy themes.

Some of their stuff is pretty funny and though I can’t actually see how themeing sex toys after Nerd Pop Culture makes it more of a turn on, I guess the novelty of it is kind of interesting. To me this is some of the crazy off the wall shit that makes being a Nerd so awesome. It just crosses over to so many different life styles and even though I’m not really into this kind of thing it’s cool to see other people are…I think.

Anyways, some of the unique items that you can find on the Geek Kink page are an Old School
Nintendo controller inspired BDSM paddle, Iron Man inspired BDSM Paddle Mature, and a Star Wars Jedi Lightsaber inspired Flogger, whatever that is. I’m not exactly sure who would buy these things and why you would want to buy a Nerd inspired one but if you are interested in these type of things, take a look at the Geek Kink website and see if they can help you spice up your life a bit.

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