Friday and Sight Update!!!

Happy Friday Nerd Nation! I don’t know about you guys but I am excited for it. I plan to sit by the pool, BBQ and have a couple beers. This was a pretty good week and I’d just like to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone that has been checking out the blog and showing their support. You guys make this all worth it and I hope you enjoy the type of things we post on here.

Some new features to the blog:

If you look to your left you will see some new icons that weren’t there before. Now we have made it much easier to contact us and follow us and all our en devours. At the very top we have a follow us by email box. It’s very simple to sign up and you will NOT get any spam emails from us. You will only get an email letting you know when we have posted something new to our site. If you haven’t already please check out our Facebook page by clicking the icon to the left, where you can catch a lot more content and contact us with any questions or comments. Also, click the Sound Cloud button (the orange one) to listen to our Podcast archive. Speaking of Podcast, at the top of the main content section (right above this post) there is a player that will play the latest Podcast and will update whenever we post a new one.

Finally we have our email button at the bottom of the list where you can contact us directly. We always love hearing from your guys and are open to any suggestions on topics to post. Anyways, THANKS again everyone for your support and we look forward to many more big things to come in the near future. As always we will do our best to continue to meet your Nerdgasm Needs 🙂

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