Child Mech Warrior

So back in December we told you about how you could own your very own adult size Battle Mech. If you missed that then just Click Here. Well, what good is owning your own Battle Mech if you can’t get the kids involved?

I knew kids back in the day when I was in school that rode quads and dirt bikes that their parents had bought them to take to the desert. That’s cool I guess, but if you want your kid to be the baddest on the block then you gotta get them their own Battle Mech. Noticed the sweet lime green paint job and Mech complete with crushing claw and death drill. I don’t know about kids today but this was every nerd child’s dream when I was growing up.

Anyways check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on this. Would you let your kids operate one of these bad boys? Let us know below or on our Facebook Page!

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