A New MJ and possible DANGER for Amazing Spider-Man 2???

So two days ago we reported that Shailene Woodley was no longer going to play Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man 2, but would instead be introduced in the third film. Well the following day it was announced by Marc Webb himself that she would no longer be playing the famous red head at all.To read our first post on this situation Click Here.While initially it was said that she was removed for a “more streamlined plot” it was then reported that she actually had scheduling conflicts with another project.

Seems a little suspicious especially when you consider the bit of controversy about her physical appearance and her portrayal of MJ. Now what we saw were just photos of her on set but I have to admit that they really made her look bad especially for playing a character who is known to be so beautiful. I’ve seen pictures of her from other movies and events and by no means is she ugly. She is actually quite the opposite but for some reason they did not have her looking good in the scenes the public saw.

shailene-woodley-red-hair-on-amazing-spider-man-2-set-300x300Anyways only a day after Shailene Woodly was let go by the studio, it looks as though they have found her replacement. Enter Sarah Gadon who made her TV debut in the 1998 series La Femme Nikita. She seems to have a bit more of a mature and somewhat devious look than Shailene Woodly, which might not be a bad thing considering the character she will be playing. To me this is like when someone divorces their spouse and moves in with their new significant other the very next day. Pretty dirty but then again Hollywood is known for being a bit of a dirty business. At this point Sarah Gadon is still just a rumor but probably not for long.

My main concern through all this once again stems from my fandom. I love Spider-Man and I’m afraid that Marc Webb is about the run an awesome franchise right into the ground on only it’s second film (that would be a new record since it took Sam Raimi 3 films to do that). The problem is that they are trying to do too much in such a short amount of time. They are introducing 3 new pivotal characters in Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, and Mary Jane, all while trying to continue to develop Peter and Gwen’s relationship. Not to mention Gwen Stacey is rumored to die in this film. Now lets add 2 confirmed villains in The Rhino and Electro and 2 possible villains in The Vulture and Green Goblin.

32931229-300x300To top it all off let’s pack this into a 2 hour movie. It’s a recipe for disaster and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this either. Do you guys see where I’m going with this? It’s just too much. Though I am holding on to hope that some of these rumors turn out to be false I guess only time will tell what is really in store for the wall crawler.  As always let us know your thoughts on this Nerd Nation. Leave your comments below or on our Facebook Page! We are definitely interested in hearing your opinions on this.

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