Zombieland Series Canceled!

For the past few months we have talked about the controversial series based off the popular movie Zombieland. It was suppose to kick off the line up of shows that would be available on Amazon instant streaming. The pilot episode had already been filmed and we showed you the trailer for it here. Our initial impression of the show wasn’t a good one and apparently most of the Nerd World agreed with us.

The latest news on this struggling show is that it has mercifully been put out of its misery and pulled from Amazon completely. It was first announced that the show would not be picked up for an entire series, but mere hours later co-creator Rhett Reese took to Twitter and announced it’s complete demise;

“Our Zombieland series will not be moving forward on Amazon. Sad for everyone involved,” I’ll never understand the vehement hate the pilot received from die-hard Zombieland fans. You guys successfully hated it out of existence.” 

Now I can understand being heart broken and completely disappointed by the fact that your project didn’t get picked up for a series or even given a running chance by the fans. However, to blame your fans for the cancellation of your shitty knock off show is complete disrespect to the people who helped make your movie so successful in the first place. So we’re bad fans because we didn’t like the giant turd you tried to force feed us? I think most would agree that the trailer we saw was a far cry from what we knew and loved about the movie. Mr. Reese thinks we killed it but I think that show was dead before it ever even hit the water.

There is a reason it got such bad reviews and such a negative reception. The creators had an opportunity to do something original and innovative in an already over saturated market place. There’s no way it could have been easy with as many different movies, shows, books, comics, and games out there about the Zombie apocalypse. However, what was so great about Zombieland wasn’t necessarily the characters themselves but how they adapted and even enjoyed themselves in an unimaginably terrible situation. I don’t think they were ever going to recreate the magic we saw with the cast from the original movie, but they definitely could have made us fall in love with some new characters and new situations…Instead they tried to give us a dollar store knock off of what we had already scene.

It’s never good when people lose their jobs or work hard on something that doesn’t pan out, but blaming your fans is probably the worst thing you could do. Where I’m from that’s called being a little Bitch!

Anyways, what are your thoughts Nerd Nation on the cancellation of The Zombieland TV series? Are you sad that it never got picked up and do you have any additional thoughts on Mr. Reese’s comments. Let us know below or on our Facebook Page!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this is fucking bull shit fuck you and put it on amazon fuckingrite now dont take rap aswell

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