Transformer Super GT Figures

These awesome Transformers GT figures from Takara Tomy come in 2 versions. The Blue GT is Star Saber and the Red Super GT is Convoy (Optimus Prime). Both run for about $120 so these are for serious collectors but Damn these are some sweet looking figures! Each figure comes with a little anime style model who also look super poseable though a bit disproportionate.

The pictures below come from TFSource and do an awesome job showing off how bad ass these figures would look in a collection. I’m not exactly sure what is being said in the video above but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; “The Japanese get all the cool stuff.” Anyways check out the video above and the pictures below. If you’re interested in buying either one of these amazing figures just click the highlighted links. Star Saber or Optimus Prime?

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