New “Xbox One” Revealed

Microsoft has finally unveiled the new Xbox this morning simply called “Xbox One.”  All unveils are usually very flashy and this one was no exception. The good thing Microsoft did that Sony didn’t do was actually show us what the new console will look like. It has a very sleek design that kind of reminds me of a shiny, squared out PS3. It has a newer more powerful operating system and it looks like you can switch back and forth between Xbox OS and Windows 8. Microsoft has really emphasized cloud functionality with multi-player and multi-device game play. On top of all that the new Xbox One will come with a 1080p Xbox “Connect” censor.

Here are some of the hardware specs for the new Xbox One:

8 Gigs system Memory

500 GB HDD

Blu-ray Drive

802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct

HDMI in/out

USB 3.0

Microsoft also announced that the Xbox one will be released world wide “Later this year.” Many big announcements were made including a Halo TV series that will be directed by Steven Spielberg! Personally I think this was a very successful unveil and quite possibly even better than Sony’s. There are still some factors that will determine who will come out on top of this console war. So far no price point was given for the new Xbox and we don’t know if there will be different versions you can buy with different possible hard drive sizes.

All in all though I was very impressed by the new hardware and many of the new features you will get with Xbox live. I’m excited to see what comes next because when big companies go to war like this it means only good things for us as the consumer.

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