New Star Wars Animated Series

For those of you that were upset about the cancellation of “The Clone Wars” there is some good news and bad news. The bad news is that as far as we can see the clone wars is definitely finished and they left us with some unanswered questions. The good news is that Disney is already moving forward on a new Animated series that might answer some of the questions. It will be called “Star Wars Rebels” and takes place during the 20 year gap between episodes 3 and 4. I personally am excited about this idea because we will finally get to see the progression of both the Empire and the Rebellion. Not to mention give us new stories about what happened to the rest of the Jedi that weren’t killed as a direct result of order 66.

As for The Clone Wars, something tells me that Disney will probably wrap that up sometime down the road with either a mini series or a possible movie. Don’t quote me on that though because it is just a guess. I just can’t see them not delivering on what the fans want. Not to mention that I’m pretty sure it would make them a decent amount of money.  Disney has really impressed me with the amount of projects they have going on right now for us Star Wars fans. Only time will tell if they can deliver on all these promises. Anyways check out the video below and let us know what you think about this new Star Wars animated series.

Are you excited about seeing a new series set in this time period and if so what would YOU like to see from it? Let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook Page!

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