Halo TV Series Announced

Earlier today Microsoft revealed their new next gen console the Xbox One. During the event president of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross took the stage and made a pretty awesome announcement. We thought perhaps she would be revealing Halo 4 for Xbox One but instead surprised us that with the success of the web series “Forward Unto Dawn”, there would now be a full on TV series based off the Halo universe.

If that wasn’t exciting enough Ms. Ross quickly followed up with the announcement that academy award winning director and King of The Nerds himself, Steven Spielberg would be directing this new series. Now I’m not sure ho much of a Halo fan Mr. Spielberg is but I do know he is a huge Sci-Fi fan and I have confidence that this will be pretty awesome. There was not date announced or any information given on where we could actually watch this series but they did say briefly that it would be a “Premium” show. That could mean many different things so I won’t try and speculate what exactly it could mean.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this Nerd Nation? Do you think Steven Spielberg is a good choice to direct this show and if it were to possibly be exclusive to Xbox live would that sway your decision on possibly buying one? Let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook page! 

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