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Mine of Steel: Superman in Minecraft Trailer

This is a cool little video of the new Man of Steel trailer done in Mine Craft animation. I have to admit that even though this is done in a cute cartoonie way the impact of The Man of Steel trailer still comes through. I’m not a huge Superman fan but the music and voice over still gives me goose bumps.

Anyways check out this cool little movie as we get ready for The Man of Steel in just a few short weeks.


Nerdgasm Podcast #10

HEY Guys it’s the beginning of our week and we got an awesome new Podcast for your listening pleasure. Find out what we think about the New “XBOX ONE” and Wild Bill’s new name for it. We talk about a few new TV shows that have been announced and go more in depth on Batman Arkham Origins after watching the 5 minute trailer. Do us a favor give it a listen and SHARE it with all your wonderful FRIENDS!!! We’d really appreciate It!

Transformer Super GT Figures

These awesome Transformers GT figures from Takara Tomy come in 2 versions. The Blue GT is Star Saber and the Red Super GT is Convoy (Optimus Prime). Both run for about $120 so these are for serious collectors but Damn these are some sweet looking figures! Each figure comes with a little anime style model who also look super poseable though a bit disproportionate.

The Amazing Spider-Man Takes a Break from Fliming

It’s always nice to see big name actors take a break from their busy filming schedule and give some time back to us regular folk…Especially kids. Like when Christian Bale called that boy in the hospital and used his Batman voice; or the time Ron Perlman put on the full Hellboy costume and makeup and went to visit a kid in the hospital as well.

So as busy as Mr. Andrew Garfield probably is shooting the next Spiderman movie it’s cool that he found some time to go hang out with some kids on a basketball court wearing his Spidey costume. It’s just nice to see some of our favorite actors are actually cool people too. Anyways, check out this video and if you didn’t like him before maybe this will change your mind about him.


New Star Wars Animated Series

For those of you that were upset about the cancellation of “The Clone Wars” there is some good news and bad news. The bad news is that as far as we can see the clone wars is definitely finished and they left us with some unanswered questions. The good news is that Disney is already moving forward on a new Animated series that might answer some of the questions. It will be called “Star Wars Rebels” and takes place during the 20 year gap between episodes 3 and 4. I personally am excited about this idea because we will finally get to see the progression of both the Empire and the Rebellion. Not to mention give us new stories about what happened to the rest of the Jedi that weren’t killed as a direct result of order 66.

As for The Clone Wars, something tells me that Disney will probably wrap that up sometime down the road with either a mini series or a possible movie. Don’t quote me on that though because it is just a guess. I just can’t see them not delivering on what the fans want. Not to mention that I’m pretty sure it would make them a decent amount of money.  Disney has really impressed me with the amount of projects they have going on right now for us Star Wars fans. Only time will tell if they can deliver on all these promises. Anyways check out the video below and let us know what you think about this new Star Wars animated series.

Are you excited about seeing a new series set in this time period and if so what would YOU like to see from it? Let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook Page!

Throwback Podcast

For all you lovers of the golden age of Nerdism we present our very first ThrowBack Podcast with my buddy Jared from the Major Technicality Facebook page and Podcast. This month we talk about all things giant robots! We reminisce about Exo Squad, Battle Tech, Virtual World, Robot Jox, not to mention our review of our Beer of the month. So join us won’t you as we go back to a simpler time and remember all the great things of yester year.


Halo TV Series Announced

Earlier today Microsoft revealed their new next gen console the Xbox One. During the event president of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross took the stage and made a pretty awesome announcement. We thought perhaps she would be revealing Halo 4 for Xbox One but instead surprised us that with the success of the web series “Forward Unto Dawn”, there would now be a full on TV series based off the Halo universe.

If that wasn’t exciting enough Ms. Ross quickly followed up with the announcement that academy award winning director and King of The Nerds himself, Steven Spielberg would be directing this new series. Now I’m not sure ho much of a Halo fan Mr. Spielberg is but I do know he is a huge Sci-Fi fan and I have confidence that this will be pretty awesome. There was not date announced or any information given on where we could actually watch this series but they did say briefly that it would be a “Premium” show. That could mean many different things so I won’t try and speculate what exactly it could mean.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on this Nerd Nation? Do you think Steven Spielberg is a good choice to direct this show and if it were to possibly be exclusive to Xbox live would that sway your decision on possibly buying one? Let us know your thoughts below or on our Facebook page! 

New “Xbox One” Revealed

Microsoft has finally unveiled the new Xbox this morning simply called “Xbox One.”  All unveils are usually very flashy and this one was no exception. The good thing Microsoft did that Sony didn’t do was actually show us what the new console will look like. It has a very sleek design that kind of reminds me of a shiny, squared out PS3. It has a newer more powerful operating system and it looks like you can switch back and forth between Xbox OS and Windows 8. Microsoft has really emphasized cloud functionality with multi-player and multi-device game play. On top of all that the new Xbox One will come with a 1080p Xbox “Connect” censor.

Here are some of the hardware specs for the new Xbox One:

8 Gigs system Memory

500 GB HDD

Blu-ray Drive

802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct

HDMI in/out

USB 3.0

Microsoft also announced that the Xbox one will be released world wide “Later this year.” Many big announcements were made including a Halo TV series that will be directed by Steven Spielberg! Personally I think this was a very successful unveil and quite possibly even better than Sony’s. There are still some factors that will determine who will come out on top of this console war. So far no price point was given for the new Xbox and we don’t know if there will be different versions you can buy with different possible hard drive sizes.

All in all though I was very impressed by the new hardware and many of the new features you will get with Xbox live. I’m excited to see what comes next because when big companies go to war like this it means only good things for us as the consumer.