Marvel Theme Park Opening Soon???

For those of you that have ever been to Six Flags Magic Mountain you will understand what I’m about to say. A Marvel comics theme park should have been made a long time ago. After seeing that 20 foot Hulk statue outside the Marvel gift shop it wasn’t even a question anymore. We need a Marvel theme park. With the popularity of the comic’s, movies, and video games now seems like a perfect time to have one.

Well the good news is that Marvel agrees and plans to build a large interactive Theme Park based around it’s iconic characters. Apparently 4.5 million square foot center is already well under construction and is said to be completed sometime around December. If that isn’t cool enough there will be 17 Marvel superhero inspired attractions including; Flying with Spidey, Fantasticar, and X-Men: Danger Room, as well as nine retail outlets and over 40 refreshment stands. Sounds pretty amazing right?

So you might be wondering where exactly will Marvel City be located? Well that’s the bad news. I guess we are not a wealthy enough country for such a wonder so it will be opening up in the city of Dubai. In an interview with Falcon’s Treehouse, designers described Marvel City as the following;

As you explore the indoor ‘superhero city’, you’ll encounter one incredible attraction after another, with interactive experiences featuring some of the most advanced entertainment technologies and special effects ever devised. Along the way, you’ll also discover an assortment of ingenious educational/informational experiences that will propel you to a new understanding of the real-life scientific principles behind the superhero action.

Check out this concept art below for the New Marvel City. Looks pretty awesome and definitely like a once in a lifetime experience however, I’m not so sure I will be traveling to The United Arab Emirates any time soon. What are your thoughts Nerd Nation? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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