Hope for Hellboy 3

For those of us that are Hellboy movie fans we recently got some disturbing news. It has been confirmed on several different levels that we would not be getting a Hellboy 3 even though Hellboy 2 was completely left open for a sequel. It appears that all hope is lost for our big red anti-hero…At least that is until one brave Nerd decided to fight the good fight on our behalves.

Now director Guillermo Del Toro jokingly stated in an interview that fans of the series should start up a “Kick Starter” for the movie. It’s no secret that Kickstarter has helped movies get off the ground and it’s most recent assist was to that of the proposed Veronica Mars movie. Fans wanted it and they rallied together and raised the goal of 2 million dollars in under 12 hours and actually raised about 3 million more just based on the support from fans. Now I don’t have 5 million dollars in my back pocket but it’s not actually a bad idea.

Possibly with the right amount of support the studio execs over at Universal Pictures might be willing to cover the rest and green light another sequel. In any case it’s just some food for thought and if you are seriously wanted to at least see the trilogy wrapped up properly then watch the video below and help Will fight his War…

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