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How Predator Should Have Ended

The Predator is one of the cheesiest action movies of all time but oh how we love it so! Here’s a pretty funny look at how The Predator should have ended. If you are a fan of the film then this will probably make you laugh…


The Crow Reboot Actor Named

So there has been a popular rumor going around that the movie The Crow is going to be rebooted and a few actors have been named to possibly play the role of Eric Draven. Well the speculation might just be over as The Wrap is reporting that Avenger baddie Tom Hiddleston has been chosen to take over as the new Crow. For once I think I actually like the Hollywood’s choice of actor on this one. Before the Thor movies Mr. Hiddleston was a relatively unknown actor but has proven to be pretty damn entertaining.

So this isn’t completely all said and done with. Apparently the final decision will hinge on how Tom looks in the iconic makeup and black trench coat. Director F. Javier Gutierrez is being very insistent about pleasing the fans with an actor that can really embody the characteristics and look of The Crow.

It sounds interesting for sure but as always it remains to be seen. What are your thoughts Nerd Nation? Are you looking forward to the reboot of The Crow and do you think Tom Hiddleston is a good choice to play him??? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook Page!