World War Z Trailer 2

Here is a better look at the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse movie starring Brad Pitt. It kinda seems like they are taking a lot of suspense out of this movie just to give Mr. Pitt more face time in these trailers. I mean I understand that he is the main character but now I know he and his family make it out of the city and survive the roof top of crazy zombies. Plus now I know what to expect when he is sitting on an airplane without his family on board…

The other thing I’m feeling a little skeptical about (and this should be the last thing in a zombie movie to make people skeptical) are the fuckin CGI zombies. So the director is trying to give us a sense of hopelessness as we look at the massive title wave of zombies but they look so fuckin fake it hurts. My initial reaction to this movie isn’t very positive but what really matters is what you guys think Nerd Nation.

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Is this movie a Go or a No???

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