The Doorbot!!!

Ever wanted to answer your door without having to get up? Well maybe this is just for us lazy few that can’t be bothered by actual human interaction. Fear not couch potatoes I give you the DoorBot. All joking aside, this thing is actually pretty damn slick. The device mounts to your wall next to your door and then connects to your home’s wireless internet. Once you install the app on your phone or tablet the DoorBot will alert you when someone is at your door by contacting you like a phone call. Not to mention it has a built in HD camera that allows you to see the person and talk to them.

So you might be wondering what happens if someone just steals the damn thing right off your wall. Well the makers have already thought of that because the company will actually replace it for free. The other cool thing is it connects to this thing called Lock-O-Tron that apparently can unlock your door for you. The locks actually look pretty sturdy and I can see the advantages in a situation where someone locked themselves out of the house.

Anyways check out this video and let us know what you think about this product. Would you invest in this system for you your house? Tell us Why or Why Not on our Facebook Page.

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