Remember Wednesday!

That’s right folks Throw Back Thursday is back (Hold for Applause) and we got an awesome little gem from the early 90’s for you this week. This was from a simpler time back when kids could wake up early on a Saturday morning and be greeted with something other than mass media marketing and infomercials. Well, at least our media marketing was wrapped in a pretty package and title “Exo Squad”.

That’s right some of you may remember this awesome show that was set between the year 2119 and 2121 AD. That was great in itself since it was a future none of us would actually live to see. It was basically about a war between humans and a race of artificial beings (Known as Neosapiens) that we created to help us colonize Venus and Mars. Of course we humans treated them more like slaves and they grew tired of this and revolted against us. Their revolution eventually plunged us into a war that raged on the colonies of Mars and in Space.

If that plot sounds a little familiar it’s because it has been used for more than a few different movies that have recently been made. Exo Squad had a very deep story line and was amazingly well written. Unfortunately I believe that would eventually become it’s downfall. The show was a little too in depth for kids and though adults may have enjoyed it, being called a Nerd as an adult wasn’t celebrated like it is today. Unfortunately it was just a bit ahead of it’s time. Along with the awesome show came a line of even more awesome toys. I remember these were on my must have list during Christmas of 93.

This show had it all, a great story, awesome voice acting, action packed animation, and a kick ass toy line. I think it’s definitely safe to say “They don’t make em like this anymore…”

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