New Watch Dogs Game Demo!!!

We got to see a little bit of this game at last years E3 and a little more at Sony’s Playstation 4 announcement. Now some more amazing looking gameplay footage has been released and I’m even more impressed with this video than I was with what Sony showed. The attention to detail in this game looks outstanding and the open world city looks better than anything I think I’ve personally seen.

The gameplay looks a bit slow but that might just be the way they are presenting it in this clip. The action definitely picks up so it might all depend on how the player decides to play the game. I really love how seamlessly the game goes from cut scene back to gameplay as well. However, I’m not so sure I’m a big fan of the shooting mechanics they’ve shown us but it remains to be seen. Either way this game looks great and the more I see of it the more excited I get for it’s release.

Anyways check out this new gameplay footage of Watch Dogs and let us know what you think of this game. Do you think it will live up to it’s hype or be over shadowed by another little title of similar genre know as Grand Theft Auto 5???

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