MasterPiece Prowel and Blue Streak

These figures are fuckin sick and I can’t wait until they are released. Takara has been putting out some awesome Transformers Masterpiece figures but I honestly think these might be the best. Now I know what you’re probably thinking… You might be thinking these guys aren’t that great but they were 2 of my favorites growing up, and these figures really capture their dynamic look. Not to mention how bad ass would it be to see an actual cop car that was a 280 Z?

There isn’t much info on the figures and these are some early pictures but the estimated release date is sometime in August or September. Masterpiece figures are always pricey and these are no exception. It looks like we’re gonna have to pay somewhere around $75-$80 a figure….Still getting them!

Anyways, check out these pictures and tell me you don’t love these figures (Don’t you dare tell me you don’t love them). Oh and click the links to see where you can pre-oreder both Prowel and Blue Streak.


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