It’s Morphin Time!!!

Now these are the types of figures I would have killed for as a kid. Now as an adult I can simply buy them without anyone’s judging eyes on me. Hard to believe 20 years after the series began they can still find a way to give us some serious Nerdgasms! The best part is they are giving us the 2 best Rangers from the entire series.

Both The Red Ranger and The Green Ranger are super articulate and come TV show accurate. Both also come equipped with their iconic weapons from the show. I bet you’re thinking you might be willing to sell your first born child for one of these bad boys. Well luckily you don’t have to. Each figure will run you about $45.00 U.S. Not too bad for a nicely detailed and pose-able figure from S.H. Figuarts. You can expect these figures to be released sometime in August 2013!

What do you guys think about these figures? Would you buy them or pass on them? Click the images to enlarge them.

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