Disney’s Planes???

Ok so this teaser trailer comes out with a bit of controversy! Of all the movies Disney could have made I think this was the least expected or wanted. People have been asking for a sequel to The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monster’s Inc (Which I think they are making). However, I don’t remember hearing anyone ask for a Cars ripp off especially after the disaster that was Cars 2.

I’d like to say that was the end of the controvesary but sadly it’s not. When you watch this video you will most likely recognize who the music is by and if you don’t then just use Shazam to tag it. After you do that then stop and think for a moment about how many young kids will watch this trailer and be able to do the same thing with their smart phones that they have at way too young an age.

Part of me kinda wonders if this is even really an official Disney trailer because I can’t imagine any of the Disney execs giving this a thumbs up especially with it’s song choice. Not to mention it says Disney and not Disney Pixar…

Anyways, your thoughts?

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