Biting Elbows Stampede (Insane Office Escape)

The good folks over at Biting Elbows have created probably one of the most Bad Ass (with a capital BA) short films I have ever seen in my life. It is shot from a first person perspective and is action packed from the start. Personally I think the second video is a little more entertaining but you gotta see the whole thing. I can only imagine how much time and hard work went into creating something like this. Not to mention the soundtrack is killer as well.

The basic synopsis of the film is what seems like a regular guy working in an office building is tasked with retrieving some sort of teleportation device that is activated by water. Once it is in his possession, a seemingly endless supply of well dressed thugs chase him down trying to get the device back and take the man’s life. Kinda like any Jason Statham movie meets Reservoir Dogs.

Anyways, check out these next 8 minutes of high adrenaline goodness and let us know what you think of this film on our Facebook Page!


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