Assassin’s Creed Black Flag

So here we go with the next Assassin’s Creed game. Now initially I was pretty annoyed about the fact that it seemed like it was just going to be a repeat of what we’ve already scene. Granted there was a bit of a new twist with the character and the whole naval warfare that people loved so much from the last one. However, after watching this trailer it seems like almost a completely new game. It looks like they are going away from the somber and secretive hero to a much more charismatic and exciting type of anti-hero.

It seems a little cheese ball to have Black Beard (The most feared pirate of all time) telling a would be crew about how much deadlier Captain Kenway is than himself. Now, I get what they’re doing with this as they try to set the stage for how much different our new assassin is, but it still seems like a bit of a stretch. However, I really do like the idea of Captain Kenway being painted as somewhat of the black sheep in the family line. So this is definitely a new direction for the game.

Not to mention that most of the game will now be set mainly on ships and in small sea side villages. The only thing I am worried about is we’re not exactly sure how long this game has been in development and it seems like they are releasing 3 and 4 ridiculously close together. Hopefully this will be something new and innovative that will help relaunch the series, and not something that will drive the nails into it’s proverbial coffin.

So what do you guys think about this game? Do you think these changes will make the game better or worse and did this trailer change your mind in any way? As always, check out the trailer for Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and let us know your thoughts on our Facebook Page!

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