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The Walking Dead Recap Video

Needless to say the last three seasons of The Walking Dead have been pretty fuckin intense and a serious roller coaster ride of emotions. The season three finale airs tonight and I think it’s pretty safe to say that we will both love and hate what happens in it. I have a feeling we will have to say goodbye (in the most brutal way possible) to a couple of our favorite characters tonight.

In the mean time check out this video recap of the first 3 seasons and do your best not to cry…This one is a tearjerker.

Oh and just in case you haven’t watched season 3 there are spoilers in this video.


Remember Wednesday!

That’s right folks Throw Back Thursday is back (Hold for Applause) and we got an awesome little gem from the early 90’s for you this week. This was from a simpler time back when kids could wake up early on a Saturday morning and be greeted with something other than mass media marketing and infomercials. Well, at least our media marketing was wrapped in a pretty package and title “Exo Squad”.

That’s right some of you may remember this awesome show that was set between the year 2119 and 2121 AD. That was great in itself since it was a future none of us would actually live to see. It was basically about a war between humans and a race of artificial beings (Known as Neosapiens) that we created to help us colonize Venus and Mars. Of course we humans treated them more like slaves and they grew tired of this and revolted against us. Their revolution eventually plunged us into a war that raged on the colonies of Mars and in Space.

If that plot sounds a little familiar it’s because it has been used for more than a few different movies that have recently been made. Exo Squad had a very deep story line and was amazingly well written. Unfortunately I believe that would eventually become it’s downfall. The show was a little too in depth for kids and though adults may have enjoyed it, being called a Nerd as an adult wasn’t celebrated like it is today. Unfortunately it was just a bit ahead of it’s time. Along with the awesome show came a line of even more awesome toys. I remember these were on my must have list during Christmas of 93.

This show had it all, a great story, awesome voice acting, action packed animation, and a kick ass toy line. I think it’s definitely safe to say “They don’t make em like this anymore…”

Riddick Teaser Trailer

So I’m a little late with this one but only because I’m not really a huge fan of the whole Riddick series. Pitch Black was Ok and The Chronicles of Riddick seriously sucked ass…but that’s just in my humble opinion. It’s nice to see that they are going back to an R rating. I mean that’s the least they could do since old Vinny boy is doing his damnedest to act like a bad ass once again.

Anyways, check out this new teaser trailer for the movie Riddick and let us know what you think on our Facebook Page!

Is this movie a Go or a No for you Nerd Nation???

Battlefield 4 Game Play Footage

As always Battlefield is looking pretty sweet. I can already tell that more time has been spent developing the characters in this game as well as the graphics. Obviously this was being played on a high end PC but I think it will still look pretty damn good on PS3.

There is a ton of action and I already like the fact that you can use vehicles in the single player campaign. That was a huge disadvantage in the last game because when you got into the multi player side of the game no one knew how to use the vehicles.

Anyways, check out this game play footage and let us know your thoughts on our Facebook Page! Are you excited about this game or have you seen enough first person shooters to skip this one?

The Wolverine Official Trailer

So after seeing rumors about all these other over hyped movies we finally get our first extended look at Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine. I have to admit that this movie looks pretty Bad Ass. I was a little skeptical after the last X-Men Origins movie but this looks good. I like that they are in Japan though I think this takes place after X-Men 3.

I gotta give Mr. Jackman his props for sticking with this character and staying very true to him for this long. The guy looks amazing and definitely brings the attitude. The Wolverine looks like it has a ton of action and Silver Samurai looks pretty sick in it as well.

Anyways, check out this new trailer for The Wolverine and let us know your thoughts on our Facebook Page! Is this movie a Go or a No for you Nerd Nation???

Predator Style Motorcycle Helmets (Video)

These have got to be some of the sickest helmets I’ve ever seen. The attention to detail is amazing though they seem pretty pricey especially if you want one with all the bells and whistles. I’m not exactly sure how protective they are but the makers do give a warning that these are not for less experienced riders. Mainly because the way they are designed limits the rider’s field of view.

World War Z Trailer 2

Here is a better look at the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse movie starring Brad Pitt. It kinda seems like they are taking a lot of suspense out of this movie just to give Mr. Pitt more face time in these trailers. I mean I understand that he is the main character but now I know he and his family make it out of the city and survive the roof top of crazy zombies. Plus now I know what to expect when he is sitting on an airplane without his family on board…

The other thing I’m feeling a little skeptical about (and this should be the last thing in a zombie movie to make people skeptical) are the fuckin CGI zombies. So the director is trying to give us a sense of hopelessness as we look at the massive title wave of zombies but they look so fuckin fake it hurts. My initial reaction to this movie isn’t very positive but what really matters is what you guys think Nerd Nation.

Check out the new trailer for World War Z and let us know your thoughts on our Facebook Page.

Is this movie a Go or a No???

Biting Elbows Stampede (Insane Office Escape)

The good folks over at Biting Elbows have created probably one of the most Bad Ass (with a capital BA) short films I have ever seen in my life. It is shot from a first person perspective and is action packed from the start. Personally I think the second video is a little more entertaining but you gotta see the whole thing. I can only imagine how much time and hard work went into creating something like this. Not to mention the soundtrack is killer as well.

The basic synopsis of the film is what seems like a regular guy working in an office building is tasked with retrieving some sort of teleportation device that is activated by water. Once it is in his possession, a seemingly endless supply of well dressed thugs chase him down trying to get the device back and take the man’s life. Kinda like any Jason Statham movie meets Reservoir Dogs.

Anyways, check out these next 8 minutes of high adrenaline goodness and let us know what you think of this film on our Facebook Page!